This website provides the annual fleet lists of the dominant public transport operator in Leeds (i.e. Leeds City Transport and its predecessors and successors). It is based on a study of published secondary source material (e.g. see the bibliography) supplemented by my own observations (from 1972). Each fleet list is based on the official fleet at the start of January in that year, including those out on loan elsewhere and those temporarily out of service or delicensed. Inward loans are ignored. Vehicle dates are those of first introduction into passenger service. Where appropriate, lists are split into trams, buses, and trolleybuses. Driver training buses are listed separately. Other ancillary vehicles are not listed.


I apologise for any errors: corrections (preferably with sources) are very welcome! The bibliography provides a good starting point for those seeking greater levels of detail (e.g. bus registrations, body details, liveries, etc), and the excellent publications listed there are most heartily recommended!


This website can never bring back the Middleton Bogies nor the 1956 Roe bodied AEC Regent Vís, but at least it shows that they are not forgotten!


Dave Hodson




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